Designer Stephanie Liu has come up with the Lumoscura mask to combat bad air beautifully


Sculpted, pristine and sparking with fibre optics, this mask is certainly a breath of fresh air for wearable tech, bringing style to the problem of pollution.

Recently on show at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Fashion 4wrd exhibition, the Lumoscura mask is the idea of designer Stephanie Liu, who created the piece this year while completing her industrial design degree at the Rhode Island School of Design.

In 1952, London was hit by the Great Smog, a week-long pea-souper that brought the capital to a standstill and contributed to the deaths of at least 4,000 people.

According to the Manchester Guardian, the so-called ‘London particular’ had ‘caused an unusual amount of footpad crime and burglary.’ Cars were abandoned by the roadside, trains were cancelled and rugby matches postponed, while the BBC made several programme alterations when presenters couldn’t make it to the studios.

Green MEPs describe newly minted test procedure, which will allow car manufactures to emit more than twice legal limit of NOx, as scandalous

Carmakers have won delays to a more stringent “real driving emissions” test, which will allow them to belch out more than twice the legal limit of deadly nitrogen oxides (NOx) from 2019 and up to 50% more from 2021.

The introduction of the tests has been delayed by a year by the European commission.

Sjoemeldiesel is in een paar weken tijd een bekend begrip geworden: Veel dieselauto’s stoten meer schadelijke stoffen uit dan wettelijk is toegestaan. Zo rijden er bijna een half miljoen Volkswagens in de VS met software die tests op uitlaatgassen ondermijnen. Behalve voor het milieu zijn uitlaatgassen en andere vormen van luchtvervuiling ook schadelijk voor onze gezondheid. Daarover spraken prof. dr. Bert Brunekreef (IRAS, UU) en prof.